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Ragley Hall Lake Open Water Swimming

Ragley Hall Open Water Swimming Guide 2013


Evesham Vale Triathletes are very pleased to invite you again to this wonderful opportunity to use Ragley Hall's Lake for open water swimming.

The lake has been tested by Xylem water solutions. www.xylemanalytics.co.uk

We have access to the lake and adjoining field from 7.30am till 9.30am every Sunday 7.30-9.30am and every Tuesday from 6pm and 8pm restarting the 30th July. Entrance to the estate will be the South exit, not the main entrance, approx one mile from the main gate on the same road towards Dunnington. This is on a sharp corner so please take care. Please be aware that we must all be off site via the same gate by 10am Sundays and promptly on Tuesdays evenings by 8.30pm.

Please follow road onto the estate, 20 mph MAX speed limit. Past the lake on your right, turn right and park down behind the Lakeside Lodge on the left side, not on the grass by the lake. In The Boathouse you must register with the forms and sign disclaimer. Note: these will not be available this year in the boat house so you must print off and bring with you. If it's your first swim you will receive your ID number to use to sign in for subsequent swims. Current users keep last years ID but if any contact details are different please inform us.

£5 a swim (EVT £4). You will be marked at each swim on your hand for safety purposes with your number. YOU MUST ALSO SIGN OUT BEFORE CHANGING, but please leave wetsuits out side. Please see the member of EVT on duty for this. Inside you will find male and female changing and toilet facilities. We are hoping shower facilities will be available mid season. Due to the popularity of the sessions we have replaced the refreshments with extra water support, so bring snacks and hot drinks with you.

For Novices you are able to exit the lake on the right hand bank if you wish.

If after swimming you would like to run, please use the field next to the lake and below the adventure play area. THE PLAY AREA IS OUT OF BOUNDS. Please make sure children are supervised at all times and not climbing on the equipment. Ragley Hall is a home as well so please respect this and stay within stated areas and dogs must be kept on leads and mess collected. Thanks!!!!!

Ragley hall is a fantastic venue to bring the whole family so if on a Sunday you would like to stay, please leave via the exit gate and re enter the park via the main gate. Please visit the Ragley website for more details and for yearly membership.

Before taking part in an open water training session swimmers must:

  • Lock valuables in your car, do not bring them into the boat house as there are no lockers available.
  • Provide their contact details, emergency contact details (ICE) and details of any medical conditions.
  • Sign up to the club's safety code, conduct and waiver disclaimer.
  • Make themselves aware of the open water swimming guide that they are provided with below.
  • Provide the session leader with information about any medical issues and their experience of open water swimming.
  • Swim within their own ability and when swimming in pairs/ groups they must NOT leave their partner(s) side.


  • Wetsuits must be worn at all times unless the water temperature is over 16 degrees. Please read the notice board for the water temperature and wetsuits wear guide or ask.
  • Brightly uniformly coloured swim caps must be worn.
  • Neoprene hats or extra swim caps may be recommended based on the water temperature.
  • Fins are permitted and may help novice swimmers to gain confidence.

Pre Swim

  • Register with the Session Leader, completing the registration forming advance and especially making them aware of any medical conditions you may have or are at risk of. If you have cuts cover with a waterproof plaster.
  • Pay attention to any instructions given and the notices. The signal to end the session or to exit due emergency is an air horn. Signal for help with a hand held out of the water. Please ask EVT safety officer if you have any questions.
  • Don't enter the water until instructed to do so. Swim with others in pairs or small groups.
  • Novices/first time open water swimmers should make the session leader aware and await further instructions and advice.
  • Only enter or exit the water at the designated points between the slip ways via grass and gravel not on the slip ways.

During the Swim

  • Remain within the boundaries and swim anticlockwise.
  • Swim within your own abilities.
  • Do not interfere with other swimmers (horseplay will not be tolerated).
  • An air horn signals the end of session and return immediately to the appointed exit point.
  • If you spot another swimming in trouble or requiring assistance raise the alarm, raise your arm and shout! (do not attempt a rescue) .

Post Swim

  • Upon exiting immediately unregister with the session leader.
  • Shower and change at the earliest opportunity.
  • Report any sudden illness post swim to a club official as soon as possible.
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